Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Casa Noble Featured on Dude and the Duder at The Gasconade.com


Tuesday, April 21, 2009
The Gasconade
Dude and Duder
Im really sick and tired of everybody thinking that Patron is the end all be all of Tequila. ITS NOT. For those of you who like to mix things up a bit and jump off the hype bandwagon try this. The hard part is finding it.Casa Noble has been producing tequila for as long as the United States has declared its Independence. That long history only amounts to near-perfect techniques and closely guarded trade secrets which make their product truly unique. A careful selection of mature agave pinas are slow-cooked, then fermented, and triple distilled. Ranging from silver, the Casa Noble Crystal, to the most refined, the AƱejo, every spirit has its own character and can be distinguished by the color of the hand-blown decanter that comes with it. It'll run you about $60.
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