Friday, February 13, 2009

Casa Noble is First at Grand Cru

In Guadalajara on Friday, February 13th 2009, Casa Noble Tequila was chosen to be the first tequila ever to be featured at Grand Cru restaurant´s famed monthly tasting galas. 20 VIP clients participated, and the unanimous veredict was that Casa Noble tequilas are not just outstanding as tequila, but rivals the best Cognacs, Wiskeys and Brandies across the board.
The guests sampled Casa Noble´s lineup of tequilas, including  the 5 year AƱejo. The Crystal was a big surprise to many, given the depth of its flavor structure and silky texture, with one female member exclamating “I can't believe this is tequila!” 
Guests raved that Casa Noble Reposado offers a “level of sofistication  rarely found on tequila.”
The owner and Grand Cru Director ended the session stating that:  “After this night,  we´ll all divide our tequila knowledge before and AFTER Casa Noble.”

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