Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Casa Noble Anejo Featured on

Written Under the Influence: Casa Noble Anejo
No, you're not seeing double (though we came close): We have already weighed in on Casa Noble's silk-smooth añejo in our Añejo Hotlist. But when the brand let us know that they issued a new añejo expression at the beginning of this year, we felt it was our duty to you to give the stuff a try. Still aged in French white oak, the sauce is now aged for only two years instead of the previous version's five. (A good thing apparently isn't worth the wait.) The resulting quaff is almost candy-sweet, with rich butterscotch and vanilla flavors complemented at the end by a welcome hit of pepper—without which Casa Noble might skirt dangerously close to Werther's Originals territory. As it is, however, it's a great sipping spirit, even more so now that it's reduced to a wallet-friendlier 60 bucks. The main casualty of that price break, as far as we can see? The real-gold embellishments that adorned the older tipple's bottle. Fine by us—no need to gild the lily.
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