Monday, August 10, 2009

The Casa Noble Single Barrel Experience

Casa Noble Tequila debuted the exclusive Single Barrel Line to the public on September 1st, 2009. Being the ultimate in luxury, the single barrel allows for a sipping experience unlike any other tequila in the world. Each barrel produces a completely unique array of subtle notes that is limited to one of the 60 cases in the world. Select individuals, including Cyclone Anaya's Ricardo (Rico) Valencia, was invited to the soothing grounds of Casa Noble's hacienda in Jalisco, Mexico for an experience of a lifetime.
Cyclone Anaya's World Class Mexican Kitchen has been bringing larger than life flavor to millions of Texans since 1966 with various handmade gourmet dishes prepared from scratch from only the finest ingredients. Rico brought along a few of Cyclone's top representatives to embark on the warm and tranquil tour of the hacienda and distillery, for an intimate view of how the greatest luxury tequila is created, in celebration of the single barrel release for September 2009. The journey began in Casa Noble's certified organic agave fields, where the team, led by Casa Noble's David Yan, divulged the intricacies of organic agave growing. The fields were followed by a detailed tour of production facilities, where the eager eyes witnessed the magic of cooking, fermenting, and distilling Casa Noble tequilas.
Dining over a few delicious margaritas, David led a conversation deep into single-barrel territory. 10 single barrel reposado samples were ready for the selection challenge. One by one, the detailed annotations from the group were taken into account and they had meticulously discovered two exceptional gems. There was a strong feeling of achievement in the air as the purchase selection was taken without hesitation.
The evening concluded with celebration at the high energy Legado Bar immediately following the barrel selection. An enticing dinner was held at La Tequila topping the experience off on an expectationally high note.

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