Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Casa Noble hosts a milestone presentation for Diana Kennedy

There is people in this world that will never cease to amaze. Being 84 years old, and driving by yourself around Mexico and the most remote places in Oaxaca is only the begginning. But when you combine all this with photography and writing, it becomes something legendary. Diana Kennedy´s latest book is perhaps the last of her books and definitely, a collection of culinary jewels that reflect the complexity, dedication, raw passion and amazing ingredients of one of Mexican cultures most complex, fascinating gastronomies: Oaxaca.

Worm salt, mole, grasshoppers, worms, dozens of different tortillas, black beans and the widest variety of chiles in Mexico are just some of the ingredients you will read about on this book, “Oaxaca Al gusto”. Not only will you read the recipes but also a description of the rituals, moods and contexts surrounding each recipe. Exceptional pictures of people and their villages (and of course, the dishes) adorn this magnificent piece of work. Casa Noble was part of the presentation of this wonderful book to a select group of friends and Chefs, in the beautiful suroundings of Lake Chapala. Manchego cheese and “ate” were chosen as the perfect companion for our exceptional tequilas, enjoyed by over 40 people that attended this presentation, from place like France, Canada, USA, Belgium, New Zealand and of course Mexico.

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